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Howie Sacks and Henry LLP and Waddell Phillips have joined forces as Co-Counsel to bring forth individual claims for any member, or former member, of the Canadian Armed Forces who was ordered to take Mefloquine from years 1992 to present. The partnership between both firms on these individual mass tort actions allows each individual case to be treated with care, professionalism and the attention they deserve using a hands-on and personalized approach.

Paul Miller, Partner and Leader of the Mass Tort Group at Howie Sacks and Henry LLP, answers some of our Frequently Asked Questions in the videos found below. The questions include:

  • How do I help with the Mefloquine movement?
  • Should I talk to my doctor about the lawsuit?
  • Can I join the lawsuit if my medical records don’t show I took Mefloquine?
  • Can I join if I am still an active member?
  • The lawsuit and Somalia
  • Concerns about Khadr and John Phillips

How do I help with the Mefloquine movement as a whole?

Should I be Talking to my Doctor about the Lawsuit?

Can I join the Lawsuit if my Medical Records don't show I took Mefloquine?

Can I still Join the Lawsuit if I am an Active Member?

What do you tell younger vets who don't want to be associated with Somalia?

What do you say to those concerned that one of the lawyers represented Omar Khadr?

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